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Get and Stay Connected with Family and Friends

Eskaton’s mission is to enhance the quality of life for seniors. One way we do this is through life enriching programs that include socialization. At Eskaton, we make sure our residents have options to stay connected with their friends and family. And if they do not have close connections with loved ones, we help them build new friendships. Research shows the lack of close relationships or being isolated from others leads to loneliness, depression and life threatening illnesses such as heart disease. We want all the older adults we serve to be as healthy and happy as possible.

Resident using an iPad to get connected.

Get Connected

Eskaton’s technology services help our residents get and keep connected. We offer computer set-up and tutorial, software installation, back-up and recovery, in home theater and networking along with many other services.

Resident connecting with family though technology.

Keep Connected

This program offers new residents complimentary equipment and tech support to get them set up to interact with their loved ones. This may mean using an iPad for Facetime, a laptop for Skype, or their personal mobile device for social media. Our residents can even learn to use email or text. Interested in moving to Eskaton? Contact one of our communities to learn more.

Resident and two Eskaton Kids Connection students.

Kids Connection

Eskaton partners each participating resident with a “buddy” or two at local elementary school to create intergenerational friendships. The buddies visit Eskaton several times during the school year. Residents also have the option of Skyping with their buddies or even visiting them in the classroom. Learn more.

Click here to read about Carolyn, a 104 year old in love with Technology.

A Centenarian’s Secret to Healthy Aging

By Carolyn Lindgren, 104

  1. Small portions at meal time
  2. Being grateful every day
  3. Living in the present
  4. Avoiding stress
  5. Learning new things
  6. Doing good for others

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