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Impact of Your Philanthropy is Eskaton Foundation’s donor newsletter. Below are a few articles from the most recent issue. To view and print the complete donor newsletter, please open the PDF below.


Donors like you help daughters preserve the family

Do you remember when Neil Armstrong landed on the moon? Roy Cumby helped make possible live television broadcasts like the Apollo 11 landing.

Four years ago, Resident enjoying music played by Aileen Kelley, a therapeutic musician.Roy had a silent stroke.

Thanks to your support, Roy is safe, happy and healthy. Financial assistance from Eskaton Foundation allows him to come to Eskaton’s Adult Day Health Center three days per week.

The help enables his daughters Colleen and Corinne to take care of him at home.

“One thing they really did for me that was great was remove the worry about his health. He sees the nurse here, and they coordinate with his doctor … he can’t tell you he’s in pain,” says Colleen.

The respite also allows Colleen to attend to the housekeeping that comes with caring for a loved one with disabilities at home.

Roy’s health and living situation are stable now. But it wasn’t always that way.

Back in fall 2011, it was not obvious that Roy had suffered a stroke. His life began falling apart and no one knew why.

Roy basks in the sunshine with his daughters.His daughters would find him alone in his apartment, drunk. Neighbors and friends took advantage of him. He was self-medicating his short-term memory loss and dementia with alcohol.

“He wasn’t safe there,” recalls Colleen. Within two months, she and Corinne moved their dad into their home.

They were overwhelmed. After two years, Colleen had to leave her job as a corporate trainer to care for her father. Corinne stayed in her job at U.S. Bank to support the family. Read more.


Enjoys golden years with wife with help from donors like you

“When we were young, we didn’t spend that much time together,” admits Chuck Lau, who lives with his wife in an Eskaton affordable housing apartment.

Fifty-five years after they married, he helps his wife with everything. Chuck and his wife San San smiling in their affordable housing apartment.That includes cooking, cleaning and bathing. “That’s my responsibility. There’s no doubt about it,” he declares.

San San uses a walker and cannot take more than a few steps on her own.

Now in his mid-80s, Chuck is physically unable to care for hiswife and do the housework.

The Resident Care Fund’s goal is to prevent low-income seniors from being forced to move into skilled nursing facilities prematurely.

Chuck receives up to four hours of housekeeping each week. The caregiver takes on big and hard-to-reach jobs like cleaning the kitchen and bathroom.

Chuck appreciates the help and the ability to spend quality time with his wife, “This is the best way to spend the rest of our lives together in our golden years.”

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