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Older women driving a carFive Yellow Flags to Look for on Older Adult Driving

By Lisa Smith-Youngs, Program Coordinator, Education – Live Well at Home by Eskaton

When the question of changing driving ability becomes personal, it’s important to understand what issues the DMV uses to judge safe driver abilities.

What are the yellow flags to look for? Here are a few age-related concerns:

  • Reduced acuity: an inability to see things clearly and judge depth perception.
  • Glare Resistance & Recovery: an inability to see critical events when facing a steady source of glare as well as reduced visual ability to recover from glare.
  • Reduced visual attention: the inability to concentrate on a variety of visual stimuli at the same time.
  • Poor night vision: reduced ability to see clearly in low light situations.
  • Reduced field of vision: decreased awareness of visual cues in surrounding areas.

Driving involves a complex combination of skills, including vision, attentiveness, hand-eye coordination and reasoning. Vision plays a major role in the process, simply because so much of the information we process while driving is visually based. Oncoming traffic, road signs, pedestrians and dashboard instruments are just a few of the many visual signals one must be able to accurately interpret to drive safely.

How do you know if your vision has become too poor to drive? The California DMV standard is the ability to see 20/40 with both eyes, with or without corrective lenses. Drivers who fail to meet this standard are referred to a DMV vision specialist who will examine the driver and complete a special form. It may then be necessary to take a Special Drive Test to determine if the driver can adequately compensate for the vision problem.

If you have concerns about your driving ability as an older adult, the following websites may be useful:


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