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Impact of Your Philanthropy is Eskaton Foundation’s donor newsletter. Below are a few articles from the most recent issue. To view and print the complete donor newsletter, please open the PDF below.


Donors like you make Therapeutic Music Program possible

Resident enjoying music played by Aileen Kelley, a therapeutic musician.Robadeh Moezzi will celebrate her 101st birthday on January 1. Just two years ago, it looked like she wouldn’t make it. She wasn’t eating. She was hospitalized twice with pneumonia.

Alzheimer’s disease made Robadeh at times profoundly sad, anxious or fearful.

That’s when Aileen, a therapeutic musician, began visiting her at Eskaton Care Center Fair Oaks. One day, Aileen improvised some music on a Middle Eastern scale on her harp, hoping that the power of familiar music would ease her suffering.

It was a breakthrough. An educator and lawyer once fluent in English and other languages, Robadeh could now remember only the Persian of her youth. But the familiar music touched her.

For people living with advanced Alzheimer’s, music from their youth can ease anxiety and enable them to communicate again.

Robadeh’s son, Ali, was visiting when Aileen came to play a Persian song on the harp that he had sent her. When Aileen began playing the song, Robadeh visibly brightened. She talked quietly with her son.

Ali sang a song to his mother as Aileen continued playing. Then he began reciting some poetry. His mother joined him, reciting the poem along with him. Read more.


Peggy McDonald left a legacy gift to her Eskaton family

Shirely Mercer, Tristin Benjamin and Kim Rhinehelder at the 2015 Happiness Day.

“Moving into Eskaton Monroe Lodge was the happiest day of her life outside of marrying her husband,” remembers Scott Okamoto, a staff member who was close to Margaret“Peggy” McDonald.

To celebrate the anniversary of this happy occasion, Peggy hosted a party for her Monroe Lodge family every year. Everyone was invited!

There were big smiley faces everywhere. Guests entered the party through a yellow and blue balloon arch. They always sang, “The More We Get Together.”

“She lit up from ear to ear…and was the Queen Bee at these parties,” recalls Scott.

Margaret (Peggy) McDonald smiles at a Happiness Day.Peggy lived modestly and had a sunny outlook on life. She was a fitness enthusiast who had a passion for living a healthy lifestyle.

“Peggy fought fiercely against her physical limitations until the very end of her life! Her contention being that she still had more Happiness Days to plan and organize,” recalls Shirley Mercer, Peggy’s friend and neighbor.

When Peggy passed away in 2012, no one imagined that she would leave a generous gift in her estate to Eskaton Foundation for her Eskaton Monroe family.

Peggy’s legacy continues to this day. Her gift supports a Resident Assistance Fund, a renovated fitness center, and an annual Happiness Day celebration at Monroe Lodge Margaret “Peggy” McDonald smiles in her honor.

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