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Signature Programs

Just as the aging experience is unique for everyone, so too are the creative solutions to help assure that life is as independent and purposeful as possible.

Eskaton distinguishes our commitment to the well-being of our residents and program participants with a variety of original, signature programs.

Community Medical Partner Program

House calls at your community - Eskaton now offers residents the convenience of an in-house, private physician and professional medical team.

Resident using her computer to keeping connected with family and friends.The Community Medical Partner program provides access to professional medical support — beyond the traditional office setting.  This convenient option accommodates the special needs of older adults who have been recently hospitalized, are physically disabled or have difficulty making office visits. Click here for more details.

Life Enrichment Initiatives

Experience the Eskaton Kids Connection, Thrill of a Lifetime, Livable Design and much more ...

Resident and two Eskaton Kids Connection participantsFor example, with Eskaton Kids Connection, one of our many intergenerational programs, residents become “buddies” with students from local elementary schools and meet regularly to learn, laugh and grow together. Eskaton’s diverse life-enriching experiences also include creative art and music therapies; “Thrill of a Lifetime” events; “Eskaton Celebrates 100+” to recognize the birthdays of our dozens of centenarians, community gardens and veterans appreciation events; and the Livable Design home seal of approval program; among many others.

Smart-Sensor Technology

Enhanced Wellness — Your comfort and safety always come first.

Motion-sensor technology – developed by the GE/Intel collaboration Care Innovations – is among the newest examples of the organization’s commitment to personalized service and care. The series of discreet “smart sensors,” seamlessly integrated through each apartment, identify any changes in routine and help caregivers anticipate and respond with appropriate, timely assistance.