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Hiring Passionate People

Eskaton is certified as a Great Place to Work®

Nearly 1,300 employees completed the Great Place to Work® survey. Our team members embrace our nonprofit difference and feel their job has special meaning. This is what team members are saying:

What does being a Great Place to Work® mean?

The Great Place to Work® Certification leverages 30 years of research to evaluate the workplace culture of an organization. Activated Insights is an independent research and consulting firm and evaluated more than 60 elements of team members’ experience on the job. These included employee pride in the organization’s community impact, belief that their work makes a difference, and feeling their work has special meaning. Rankings are based on employees’ experiences, no matter who they are or what they do.

How Does the Process Work?

GPTW Process

Why Go Through this Rigorous Process?

The Great Place to Work® Institute assess the perceptions of an organization using the Trust Index© Model. It’s widely known that the Great Places to Work® Trust Index Model is the world’s most well researched, accepted and sustainable definition of a great workplace, from an employee’s point of view. The Great Places to Work® Institute finds that organizations that are successful at creating and sustaining a great workplace culture follow specific practices. In addition to employees completing a survey, Eskaton completed a comprehensive culture audit that evaluated our people-related management practices.

Companies that are certified as a Great Places to Work® are high achievers in supporting the growth and development of employees and cultivating a culture that fosters teamwork. Eskaton’s trust index amongst all employees is 82%. Forbes Top 100 Aging Service Companies in 2018 received a trust index score of around 86%. Aging service companies in 2018 received a trust index score of 82%. Eskaton’s high ranking Trust Index© qualifies Eskaton to be considered by Forbes Top 100 as a top aging service provider in the country in 2019.

Hundreds of Eskaton employees wear “I love this place” t-shirts to work on special days at their community. So how do we quantify how much they love Eskaton? Well according to the Great Places to Work® survey 85% of employees shared with us that we are a great place to work.

What are Employees Saying about Eskaton?

“Eskaton believes in promoting within the organization."

“The people here are incredible."

“This company attracts caring people with BIG hearts."

“When you come into the door you have a feeling of family."

“We have fun!"

“This is a GREAT PLACE to work for."

“I love my job!"

“There is a lot of longevity among the employees!"

“Great leadership."

“Health and wellness is encouraged!"

“Family friendly environment and community!"

What Makes Eskaton a Great Place to Work for Employees?

Every community offers special programs to their employees. Check out a snapshot of just a few of the special programs we offer to our all our employees.

Eskaton Rolls out the Red Carpet

Eskaton believes in first impressions. Eskaton wants every new team member to feel special and important. Not only do we roll out the red carpet, but team members gather around the red carpet to provide a warm Eskaton welcome upon the arrival of their new team member. We strive to make sure each person’s first day is informative, inspirational and interpersonal. Every community offers a unique touch from designated parking, welcome signs, leadership luncheons and meet and greets with their new team.

Eskaton’s Fun Committee

Eskaton believes that having fun contributes to our overall well-being. We know that having fun can reduce stress, regulate sleep, improve mood, increase energy, improve concentration and can even help us form meaningful connections. Fun communities are employee-driven and exist across Eskaton. The committee is made up of fun advocates who create community contests, challenges, parties, team building events and celebrations. Notable days have included: crazy sock day, dress down day, carnival day, family day, BBQs, turkey bowling, holiday parties, raffles, tug-a-war competitions, turkey bowling and more.

Eskaton Wellness Program

Eskaton believes in supporting the well-being of every team member. We provide every team member with access to a comprehensive wellness program that includes: discounts on gym memberships, monthly wellness newsletters with tips, wellness champions at every location, wellness campaigns, challenges and incentives throughout the year.

Over 60% of team members participated in one or more wellness related programs. The two most popular programs included the Step-it Up Challenge and the Hydration Challenge. Over half of Eskaton associates participated in the Step it Up Challenge and competed against other communities and teams for the winning title. Walking teams at every community could be spotted wearing the Eskaton provided fitness tracker on walks throughout the day.

Eskaton’s Leadership Management Series

Eskaton believes in fostering the growth and development of current leaders. All leaders both formal and informal are enrolled in a management series. The curriculum includes: interpersonal communication, leading in the performance review, motivating others, conflict resolution, problem solving, coaching and mentoring others, delivering service excellence and modeling successful leadership. Upon series completion, graduates are invited to celebrate by attending a luncheon hosted by Eskaton’s CEO, Todd Murch, and the senior leadership team.

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