Eskaton Lodge Cameron Park Levels of Care

Eskaton Lodge Cameron Park Levels of Care


Eskaton Lodge Cameron Park – Assisted Living

Eskaton Lodge Cameron Park’s tight-knit community offers around-the-clock services that ease the transition into assisted living.

New call-to-actionOur assisted living communities have tiered levels of service making it easy for residents to stay independent as long as possible but also to have the care and support they need should their situation change. From incorporating state-of-the-art technology in our residences to providing assistance with laundry, housekeeping and transportation, Eskaton Lodge Cameron Park strives to make sure residents feel secure, comfortable and engaged with their friends and family.

We invite you to visit Eskaton Lodge Cameron Park so you can see why we believe age is beautiful; it is the life stories and lessons of our residents that enrich our society and our lives.

Ease The Transition to Assisted Living Guide


Eskaton Lodge Cameron Park – Short-Term Stay

Short-term stays at Eskaton Lodge Cameron Park are an option for guests who need a temporary stay in an assisted living community. Guests will enjoy the same amenities as residents, including support and care, joining classes, trying our delicious dining options and socializing with other residents. In the meantime, caretakers have time to relax and rejuvenate before their loved one returns home. Guests enjoy whichever level of service needed – assisted living or memory care.

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