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Holiday season not always cheery for everyone

December 23, 2016

Holiday blues are no myth.

The annual seasonal sadness can strike anyone, from the oldest seniors to the youngest children.

Whether it’s a child grieving the loss of a parent, grandparent or sibling, or a lonely senior with no friends or family nearby, the holidays can be isolating, saddening, wrenching.

And it’s completely normal, say mental health officials.

“The most-wonderful-time-of-year stuff is an unfortunate jingle for the season, “ said Dr. Ken Duckworth, medical director for the National Alliance on Mental Illness, based in Arlington, Va. “It sets up expectations that make people feel they’ve failed.”

“People want the holidays to have these connected, happy vibrations and it’s easy to feel short of that.” Read more.

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Eskaton Intergenerational Program Adopted by 31 Classrooms Throughout Northern California

October, 2016

In an effort to bridge generation gaps, Eskaton Kids Connection recently kicked off its 8th annual school year. "The program began in 2009 with one assisted living community in Carmichael," said Betsy Donovan, Chief Operating Officer of Eskaton, who started the program with her sister Bobbi Donovan, a veteran school teacher at Kohler Elementary School in the Sacramento area's Twin Rivers Unified School District. "Growing from one classroom to thirty-one in eight years is quite an accomplishment; it takes passionate people to make that happen. Getting the attention of a school district and educating them on the value takes time." Read more.

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Eskaton’s Book Club is a Page Turner for Mob Enthusiasts

October, 2016

Avid readers at Eskaton Lodge Granite Bay are in store for some gangster action in October. Thanks to activities director Dina Jones, the Eskaton book club is more than reading books and discussing their themes, merits or shortcomings. After reading “When the Mob Ran Vegas,” by Steve Fischer, a book requested by resident Louise Honan, Dina added some page-turning excitement for the members of the club. Read more.

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Eskaton: Fall Prevention

September 29, 2016

Guest Host Rafael Siegel got the chance to chat with Eskaton's Fitness and Wellness Coordinator, Christy Barry about National Fall Prevention Awareness Day. Christy then had Eskaton’s Fall Prevention Team demonstrate a few workouts to show viewers a few helpful workout routines that could help prevent a dangerous slip or fall.

Eskaton also gave us a sneak peek of their fun,yet beneficial fall prevention video.

To catch the whole video visit eskaton.org/falls. For more information or questions that you may have, call Eskaton at 866-ESKATON. View News 10 broadcast.

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Team Eskaton Hits the Football Field to Help Prevent Seniors from Falling

September 15, 2016

Eskaton, a nonprofit community-based organization serving seniors throughout Northern California, releases innovative fall-prevention video just in time for the NFL season.

Eskaton’s No Falls League recently got out on the football field and recorded a video for National Falls Prevention Awareness Day, coming September 22, 2016. The video, “Ready Steady Balance,” was named after the National Council on Aging’s 2016 initiative. Eskaton developed the video to highlight efforts in providing resources and programs to transform the aging experience while supporting larger efforts to reduce the number of falls. In the video, Eskaton’s Fall Prevention Team shows their peers how to have fun while exercising and prevent falls. Read more.

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Eskaton and Aging2.0 Partner to Find Technologies to Enhance Lives of Seniors

August 16, 2016

Eskaton, a nonprofit provider of aging services, recently hosted Aging2.0, where seven startups presented innovative products and services aimed at enhancing the lives of seniors. A panel of expert judges announced the winner, Stack Labs, which is now part of the virtual competition where people can vote online for their favorite startup until August 19, 2016. The winners of the virtual competition will advance to the final round in San Francisco on October 13, 2016. Read more.

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Eskaton's Senior Pet Program

August 4, 2016

Eskaton, a leading nonprofit provider of aging services in Northern California, recognizes the benefits of pets for seniors and welcomes companion animals in its senior living communities.

Eskaton Village Placerville resident Russ with his dog Bella

Russ, a retired Los Angeles firefighter and Korea War Veteran, lives in a cottage at Eskaton Village Placerville with Bella.

As Russ, a retired fireman, sits on the couch with his little Chiweenie Bella, a Chihuahua Dachshund mix, you can see the happiness in both of their eyes. This older pup, with a muzzle of white, came to him as a rescue after the passing of his Cocker Spaniel, Dolly. Russ’ friends and family knew he was heartbroken when he lost Dolly, so they urged him to visit the shelter. Read more.

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Winner Best: Senior Community

August 2016

With over 30 locations and 50 programs, Eskaton's influence spreads across the entire Northern California area, reaching seniors in all situations. From the beginning its mission has been to improve the lives of seniors through health care, housing, and social services, and it continues to do this today. Read more.

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Eskaton Artists to Showcase a Lifetime of Art on June 25 in Orangevale

June 9, 2016

Eskaton Artists to Showcase a Lifetime of Art on June 25 in Orangevale

Ruth Duff strides around Eskaton FountainWood Lodge taking part in activities such as planting flowers and vegetables in the community’s garden. Ruth, 101 years old, has a passion for beauty. She completed 300 watercolor and acrylic paintings over the past few months, which feature bright, bold colors.

Ruth says she can’t remember when she wasn’t creating art. “I’ve always liked making things look pretty,” she says, explaining her drive to create. “Even when I make my bed, I make it look attractive.” Her talents also include sculpting bronze castings, copper etchings and silk screen.

Boie, a former Humanities and English high school teacher from San Diego County, began a career in art after watching her three-year old daughter draw a bird. Boie became interested in Mandalas and created intricate and calming designs. Later, while teaching ninth grade, she initiated an impromptu Mandala drawing session with her students. Read more.

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Music reaches memories for Sacramento seniors with Alzheimer’s

May 16, 2016

Gloria Silott spends most days in her wheelchair, socializing very little and verbalizing only with muffled “yes” or “no” answers. Immobilized by a stroke 15 years ago, she cannot speak clearly or express herself. Typically, say staffers at Eskaton Care Center Greenhaven, she has a flat, sad affect.

That is, until the twang of country-western music pops into her iPod headset. On a recent afternoon, as the chords of Glen Campbell’s “Rhinestone Cowboy” were belting out, Silott, 66, was beaming, bouncing her black-velcroed shoes, bobbing her head and even mouthing bits of the refrain.

“It gives her the ability to relax and connect and engage. It’s seeing the brightness in her eyes,” said Eskaton Greenhaven executive director Heather Craig, who views music as a way to calm agitated patients and return a glimmer of normalcy to their lives. Read more.

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Business Journal names 2016 Healthiest Employers

April 21, 2016

The Business Journal honored 21 companies Thursday as the healthiest employers in the Sacramento region.

The companies clearly have made it a priority to promote the health and wellness of their employees. From on-site gyms and exercise classes to healthy snacks in the break room, today’s honorees go out of their way to promote a healthy workforce. Read more.

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Finding Voice in Music

February 18, 2016

Music has the ability to transcend language, culture, and time. Residents within Eskaton are sparking new connections using an innovative therapeutic music platform created by Southern California based company SingFit. The music-therapist-designed program is a cognitive and physical stimulation exercise created specifically to keep the mind and body engaged. Read more.

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"100 Years of Fashion"

January 15, 2016

Fashion is always changing, but it's always nice to appreciate those vintage styles from an earlier time. Eskaton is partnering up with the Art Deco Society and taking recognition of the changing styles throughout the years by hosting "100 Years of Fashion". This open house will carry clothes from as early as the 1900s in celebration of the senior residences at Eskaton. View video.

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Identifying when aging parents cannot safely live alone

December 2015

When are our aging parents no longer able to care for themselves on their own? Breaking down the signs and what it means for the children. KXTV

It's a difficult discussion to have, especially when mom and dad are used to being independent and there are several siblings involved. But the holidays may be a good time to talk about it when the family is all together in one place.

Teri Tift, the Executive Director of Quality and Compliance at Eskaton says it's critical for adult children to check in on their aging parents frequently and in person, as a phone call may not be enough to assess their living conditions.

Tift says it's very important to pay attention to the signs: Watch video and read more.

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Lewy body dementia is little known, often misdiagnosed

November 2015

Many people had never heard of Lewy body dementia until last month, when actor Robin Williams’ wife first spoke publicly about his struggle with the disease before he committed suicide in August 2014.

“Lewy body dementia killed Robin,” Susan Williams told an ABC News interviewer in early November. “It’s what took his life.”

“It can be emotionally difficult for the caregiver,” said Denise Davis, a program director with the Alzheimer’s Association and facilitator of the Lewy body dementia support group for the Sacramento area. (The group meets once a month at the Eskaton Lodge assisted-living facility in Gold River. Contact Denise Davis at denise.davis@alz.org or 916-930-9080. Read more.

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Eskaton Teams Up with Front Street Animal Shelter

October 7, 2015

Pets can bring happiness to many situations, but for seniors, the unconditional love that an animal can bring can not only provide happiness but can give seniors a sense of purpose and help with self-esteem and ease loneliness.

Eskaton is a pet friendly environment and allows in-coming residents to bring their pets to their new home within the Eskaton communities. For residents may not have pets but would like to add a four legged loved one to their home, Eskaton can make that a reality. The organization has teamed up with the Front Street Animal Shelter to create a program that benefits two legged and four legged seniors! Meagan Luevano from Eskaton along with Bobby Marin from the Front Street Animal Shelter share more about their collaboration with host Mellisa Paul. To learn more about the program and Eskaton's other services visit, eskaton.org/pets or call 1-866-eskaton. View video.

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Music Heals: SingFit Enables The Mass Distribution Of Music As Medicine To Treat Alzheimer's

October 2015

As part of an ongoing series of articles I’m calling Music Heals, I’m profiling entrepreneurs who are utilizing music to directly enhance the lives of those who are ailing.

These days, music is too often discussed only in the context of financial and business conversations. While I certainly contribute to these conversations (and find them important), what is more important is music’s ability to both transcend and provide transcendence.

Senior living is self admittedly not an early adopter digitally speaking, yet we found a great core of first customers who are actively seeking out solutions like SingFit including Aegis Senior Living, Front Porch Senior Living, Eskaton Senior Living and Five Star Senior Living. Read more.

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Brown lawn turns into labyrinth in healing garden

September 2015

For decades, a large carpet of grass stretched across the central courtyard of Eskaton Care Center in Sacramento’s Greenhaven neighborhood.

Heather Craig, the center’s executive director, saw potential in this problem lawn. Instead of trying to nurse the turf back to greenness, the space could be revitalized with low-water landscaping. At the same time, its access could be much improved – for walking, rolling and gardening.

“We work on ambulation and balance on different surfaces,” Craig said. “That’s important for mobility.”

“I just love it,” said resident Rita O’Connor, 83... Read more.

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Eskaton Foundation Ribbon Cutting for Therapeutic and Healing Garden

August 2015

The Therapeutic and Healing Garden includes 100% wheelchair-accessible walkways, a labyrinth, multiple shaded patios, a rehabilitation ambulation garden to help rehab patients get back on their feet, living garden walls, raised garden beds, multiple benches and various areas for family visits and recreational activities. The garden will also include drought-friendly plants that create a sensory paradise for patients and residents. Eskaton Foundation's Fun in the Sun Campaign raised over $300,000 to transform the grounds into a unique Therapeutic and Healing Garden.

"The opening of these community gardens is a unique and monumental occurrence as it is rare for a nursing home to invest in creating a life-enriching opportunity of this caliber for individuals who will live out their life in long-term care," said Todd Murch, Eskaton's President and Chief Executive Officer. Read more.

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Connecting kids with seniors

August 2015

After teaching kindergarteners most of her life, 101-year-old Grace Cloninger continued to interact with children at her nursing home in Sacramento, CA.

Six years ago, Eskaton Monroe Lodge, Cloninger's home for 17 years, partnered with Kids Connection, an intergenerational program where kids and parents interact with residents. A classroom of approximately 30 children visit the residents once a month to complete various activities together, explained Lola Rain, social media director at Eskaton. Read more.

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Technology, While Not a Fountain of Youth, Can Make Aging Safer

July 2015

JEAN DICKOW, 78, never wanted the latest whiz-bang technology. But her gadget-friendly daughter, who lives in Norway, was worried that Ms. Dickow would fall in her apartment and no one would know.

So Ms. Dickow was persuaded to put on an Apple Watch look-alike called the Lively safety watch, which has an alert button to push if she falls. Wearing a medical alert pendant that screamed old age was not an option, she said.

Some communities for older adults are also tiptoeing into using sensors. Eskaton, which has about 30 campuses in Northern California, put sensors in some of its apartments. Information that is gathered is downloaded several times a day, said Sheri Peifer, chief strategy officer at Eskaton. Data is then analyzed by software and placed in a resident’s snapshot report that is generated every day. Read more.

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Award winning Eskaton program connects kids and older adults

July 2015

Resident Eileen Hall says she has been nurturing the small plant she was given when students from Strawberry Valley School visited Eskaton Washington Manor this past spring.

Eileen said it was a big deal for the kids to put the soil and plants and rocks together in small plastic cups that day.

She and the other seven ladies who met with the students each got a plant to keep, and each student got one too.

“I really love it,” said Eileen, who replanted hers into a larger ceramic pot. “It’s a shade plant. It works perfect in my windowsill. I gave it a little Miracle-Gro and now it has flowers... It brought a little green to the scene.” Read more.

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How Does Your Garden Grow

July 2015

A garden is a magical place. From its first beginnings in Eden, the garden has been a source of life, community and the wonder of creation. For the residents of Eskaton Washington Manor in Mount Shasta, as their hands dig in the soil there is a new richness to summer days. Twirls of tomato vines, tall stalks of corn and the fresh smell of cilantro represent community for the independent living residents. Read more.

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Kids Connection receives state recognition

June 10, 2015

The California Assisted Living Association (CALA) recently announced Eskaton as the winner of its Innovations in Quality award for the intergenerational program ‘Kids Connection’.

Eskaton partners with local schools to bring nearly 650 elementary school children together with ‘buddies’ residing in senior living communities. Read more.

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Mom Garden Party

May 9, 2015

Eskaton Lodge Granite Bay celebrating Mother's Day with a Garden Party. View video..

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A Good Night’s Sleep Gets Harder As You Age

May 8, 2015

It’s one of the biggest complaints as the years go by—not getting a good night’s sleep.

At tea time at the Eskaton Lodge in Gold River, moms and daughters enjoying a weekend celebration may be worried about sleep time, and for good reason. As we age, getting a good night’s sleep becomes more difficult.

Sleep experts say muscle tissue in our airways loses its tone as we get older, allowing for obstruction that could affect the tissues in our upper airways. View video.

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Researchers Find Ping-Pong Can Slow Effects Of Dementia, Alzheimer’s

May 7, 2015

It’s a new spin on battling a devastating disease—table tennis therapy.

Very few sports work the brain as much as the game of ping-pong.

The smashes come at a rapid pace for members of the Sacramento Table Tennis Club. But even when they miss their mark, they’re right on target when it comes to taking part in an activity that experts say forces out brains to work a little hard, reducing our risk of getting dementia or Alzheimer’s. View video.

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Why You Should Reach Outside Your Walls for Mother's Day

April 30, 2015

“Staying socially engaged as you age adds to life expectancy,” says Eskaton COO Betsy Donovan. “It’s one of the top benefits of living in assisted living and the main reason why many residents say they wish they had made the move sooner. They enjoy the daily activities and dining with others.”

As senior care professionals, we strive to improve older adults’ quality of life, but only a small percentage of people live in senior housing. Evidence shows seniors living alone can become isolated. Accidents or falls can limit social activities, which in turn can lead to loneliness. Research proves people in this situation have a higher risk of depression, heart disease, dementia, and premature death. Read more.

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Why it's important for seniors to stay socially engaged

April 29, 2015

Betsy Donovan, Eskaton's Chief Operationg Officer, spoke with Mellisa Paul about why it's important for seniors to stay socially engaged. Betsy also filled us in on a campaign called Celebrate Mom, a Mother's Day event. View video.

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Eskaton's Dr. Teri Tift talks about Senior Living

April 21, 2015

Dr. Teri Tift, Executive Director of Quality and Compliance for Eskaton, spoke with Mellisa Paul about her role, Eskaton's services and resident activities along with their upcoming Mother's Day celebrations. View video.

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Residents Performed in 10th Annual Variety Show

April 17, 2015

Eskaton Village of Carmichael recently put on their annual resident variety show. “The annual variety show is one of the highlights of the year for residents,” said Vice President of Resident Council Dick D’Agostino. “It not only provides an evening of great entertainment, but it also gives those residents who have a little bit of ham in them an opportunity to show off and strut their stuff.” Read more.

Arden-Carmichael News

Annual variety show at Eskaton to draw about 300 older adults

April 9, 2015

An eight act variety show called Put On a Happy Face, expects to draw a crowd of 300 people for standing room only on Friday, April 10. Each year for a decade, Eskaton Village Carmichael residents form a committee to find and organize talent. Read more on page 11.


A Leader With Seniority
Heartfelt Dedication to the Retirement Communities

April, 2015

Suzanne Olson has one hectic schedule, but you wouldn't know it to talk to her. She's bright, chipper and sounds like she really loves her job as the executive director of sales and marketing for Eskaton, the largest nonprofit provider of senior services in the country. Read more.

Press Release

Satisfaction survey results tallied
Eskaton Village Grass Valley to provide more assisted living options

January 14, 2015

Grass Valley, CA – Eskaton reports good scores on its recent satisfaction survey. “We listen,” said Todd Murch, president and CEO. “Our goal is to exceed expectations. If we aren’t doing that, we make changes.”

The 10-question survey is administered by a third party and validated before it is calculated and reported. Questions measure staff responsiveness, environmental conditions, food quality, service and overall satisfaction. Read more.

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Eskaton gets back into non-medical home care for residents, broader community

December 23, 2014

Eskaton, a Carmichael-based nonprofit that specializes in wide range of supportive housing and other services for seniors, has launched a new program in non-medical home care.

The company has about 30 senior living communities across the region. They offer everything from independent living to home health, skilled nursing and memory care -- but not the non-medical stuff such as companionship or help with basic activities of living such as eating, dressing and bathing. Read more.

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Unmasked: How California’s largest nursing home chains perform

November 8, 2014

Eskaton, a Sacramento-based nonprofit, has two of the top-performing facilities in the region, and none of its four facilities had any serious citations over the last three years.

All four are well-staffed compared to most nursing homes in the state. Eskaton’s turnover rate in its skilled-nursing facilities, for instance, was about 21 percent in 2012, compared with more than 70 percent for LifeHouse and Plum.

Todd Murch, Eskaton’s president and chief executive officer, said the company’s ability to retain high-quality staff is “really at the core of excellence.” At Eskaton’s nursing home in Fair Oaks, which recently received the highest five-star rating from the federal government, three of the top administrators have collectively worked at that facility for 22 years, he said. Read more.

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Senior Living Provider Expands Home Care Service Options

September 8, 2014

Eskaton, a senior living provider based in Carmichael, Calif., is expanding the in-home care service offerings of a program that serves seniors who don’t necessarily live within one of the company’s communities.

The Live Well at Home initiative provides an array of services for seniors who have yet to move into an Eskaton community. Read more.

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New Directors to Build Unique In-home Care Model for Live Well at Home by Eskaton

September 2, 2014

Live Well at Home by Eskaton welcomes Tom and Jennifer Bollum as executive directors. The husband-wife duo has a track record of building successful businesses in the Sacramento area.

"One of the most asked for referrals from our 24/7 information line is for in-home care,” said Sheri Peifer, Senior VP, Chief Strategy Officer for Eskaton. “The new Live Well at Home model planned for launch January 2015 will accelerate Eskaton’s ability to provide seamless, coordinated care and support," said Peifer." Read more.

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How to become a champion of technology

August 13, 2014

Whether your company provides housing or in-home care, you need tools you can count on. Many organizations feel overwhelmed by the processes of adopting new technologies to help improve care delivery, lower expenses, and raise revenue. Decision makers see the benefits of using a variety of technologies, but the idea of institutional change that impacts work flow can be daunting.

"Eskaton is known for embracing emerging technology..." Read more.

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Eskaton transforms aging experience, hires social media director

August 7, 2014

Eskaton, committed to innovation in a growing industry of services geared towards older adults, hired Director of Social Media Lola Rain to tackle the shift in consumer demands. “We need to differentiate our services to the public where they interact every day, and today media is being consumed in a totally different way,” said Todd Murch, president and CEO of Eskaton. “We want to educate the children of older adults about ways they can help turn the aging experience into a positive and enjoyable one for their parents. Reaching out into the social networks is the place to do this.” Read more.

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Eskaton Completes Eight-Week Trial of Lively's Smart Home Technology; Sets Stage to Offer it to Thousands of Older Adults Through its Home Support Network

August 6, 2014

Eskaton, a Northern California-based, nonprofit organization that provides services and support for over 14,000 older adults annually, today announced the results of an eight-week trial of Lively's smart home technology. Lively (https://www.mylively.com) uses passive sensors placed around an elderly adult's home to keep tabs on certain daily activity patterns, and automatically notify family members or other designated caregivers whenever something seems amiss.

The purpose of the study was to test the efficacy of Lively in establishing a daily activity ... Read more.

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Eskaton Manor and Lassen Public Health Create Community Garden

July 3, 2014

Eskaton Manor and the Lassen County Public Health Department have partnered with a lot of local businesses to create a new community garden in the low-income senior housing complex on North Mesa street in Susanville. The community garden project is an outgrowth of the Public Health Department’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Education (SNAP-ed) and the Lassen County Nutrition Action Plan. Read more.

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Eskaton: Senior-care company stresses the importance of healthy aging

May 2, 2014

Eskaton started its wellness program with a small pilot in 2011 and rolled it out to all 1,346 employees in 2012.

It spends $20,000 a year on the program, plus another $70,000 for wellness bonuses. But the bottom-line value of the program can’t be measured in dollars alone, said Monica Sandgathe, Eskaton’s wellness program coordinator. Read more.

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CCRC Sees Future as Angie’s List of Senior Living

April 2, 2014

For years, continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs) have attracted residents based on the services and amenities they offer within their campuses. But for one organization, the overwhelming adoption of a program offered specifically to seniors living outside one of its California communities has led it to rethink the future of its business model.

Carmichael, California-based Eskaton envisions its newly launched Live Well at Home initiative will increase the organization’s staying power and will better position it in a changing marketplace. Read more.

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ARTS - Eskaton Monroe Lodge dining room features limited editions of art by Gregory Kondos

February 14, 2014

Eskaton Monroe Lodge unveiled their remodeled dining room, featuring limited editions of Gregory Kondos’ artwork. Further promoting the deep ties the community has to the Land Park neighborhood, Eskaton staff worked closely with Moni & Gregory Kondos (current midtown residents) to design a “journey though California” art experience. “How much more Sacramento can you get than Kondos,” Tristin Benjamin, Executive Director of Eskaton Monroe Lodge, said. “We are lucky to have received such a gift as working with the Kondos family,” he said. The unveiling was a wonderful... Read more.

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Finding a Place Where Mom Can Thrive

October 12, 2013

Finding a place where mom can thrive with a little help became easy when Eskaton Village Placerville opened its doors. The assisted-living facility’s professional, caring staff make the facility an ideal place to live. Read more.

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Roebbelen Advocates for Eskaton’s Philanthropic Partner Program

September 19, 2013

Roebbelen Contracting, Inc. is proud to partner with Eskaton Foundation, the largest nonprofit, community-based organization in the region serving seniors. Their Philanthropic Partner Program allows businesses, like Roebbelen, to help in contributing to the improved quality of life for seniors in the community. Read more.

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Placerville Eskaton Cottages open for business

May 17, 2013

An anthill of workers and activity bustled around the new cottages at the Placerville Eskaton Village on May 14, landscaping and finishing projects to be ready for the grand opening on Wednesday. Read more.

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“In the Mind of the Beholder” Intergenerational Art Show at Sacramento Gallery

April 26, 2013

What does happiness look like? How would you visualize happiness if you were six, or eighty-six? Exhibition co-producers, Eskaton, a Northern California aging services provider, and ARTZ: Artists for Alzheimer’s, set out to guide individuals through a process to identify and share what makes them happy.  Read more.

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After a successful pilot, then what?

April 8, 2013

Like many senior care providers, at the top of our agenda at Eskaton is the pursuit of business initiatives that enable efficiencies, cost control, and better care. For us, technology has been part of the answer. Read more.

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Eskaton Skilled Nursing Centers Rank Among Nation's Best

March 5, 2013

Eskaton’s skilled nursing and rehabilitation centers in Sacramento, Fair Oaks and Carmichael ranked among the nation’s best, according to the “U.S. News & World Report Best Nursing Homes 2013” ratings. Read more.

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