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Doctor House Calls

House Calls at Your Community.

Eskaton offers residents the convenience of an in-house, private physician and professional medical team.

The Community Medical Partner program provides access to professional medical support — beyond the traditional office setting. This convenient option accommodates the special needs of older adults who have been recently hospitalized, are physically disabled or have difficulty making office visits. Perhaps best of all, this option costs no more than an office visit, and is often billed right to your insurance.

Doctor’s stethoscope

The medical team’s essential services include:

  • Routine physical

  • Preventive care

  • Skin checks

  • Treatment of illnesses

  • Medication management

  • Medical reviews

  • Wound care

  • Post-hospitalization care

  • Among other services and care

The Community Medical Partner makes house calls right to your community, giving you some important advantages:

  • Avoids inconvenience and excessive effort of travel to a doctor’s office

  • No need to schedule transportation

  • A primary care provider at your service

  • Minimizes time spent in waiting rooms, urgent care clinics and ERs

  • Limits your exposure to other people’s illnesses

Please ask your community representative for more information and / or assistance with appointments.

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