Toi Labs


Did you know that more than 15% of all hospitalizations of older adults are due to bowel and bladder problems? The Longevity Explorers, Eskaton residents who collaborate to identify and implement innovative projects, attended a forum that demonstrated ways new technology could identify chronic lower digestive and urinary conditions. During the presentation, Vik Kashyap, founder of Toi Labs, invited these same residents to participate in a clinical study to test the TrueLoo™, a connected diagnostic toilet seat.

The Eskaton Longevity Explorers, many of who are retired nurses and physicians, immediately saw the potential impact of this innovative technology and recommended that all residents be afforded the opportunity to test the TrueLoo. In all, forty-four residents volunteered to participate in a seven-month clinical study conducted by Toi Labs to test the efficacy and efficiency of the new technology. The digitally-connected toilet seat uses computer vision and machine learning to collect valuable data from stool and urine to achieve early detection of digestive health problems.

The TrueLoo™ is currently being tested by residents living at Eskaton Village Carmichael.  Eskaton communities and care centers are exploring the possibility of testing this innovative technology in additional locations.

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