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Adam Hill, Executive Director

Adam Hill, Executive Director at Eskaton Village RosevilleAdam Hill has worked in the aging services industry for over 12 years, gaining experience in many areas, including Residential Living Quality Assurance and techniques in properly supporting those living with dementia. As a proud advocate and a continued learner of dementia and similar afflictions, he is passionate about advancing strategies and approaches that meet each person’s individual needs. Outside of the office, Adam has a loving wife (Brittani), two children (Braydon & Brooklyn), and two dogs (Sierra & Lola) that he enjoys spending any available time with. As a family, they enjoy going on family trips to the beach and exploring nature through biking, hiking, and swimming. Contact:

Leadership Team

Josh Garcia | Assistant Executive Director |

Brittany Wright | Residential Living Advisor |

Marissa Hodge | Residential Living Advisor |

Emma Ledesma | Director of Resident Services |

Michelle Edmondson | Director of Culinary Experience |

Henry Ayala | Director of Environmental Services |

Tricia Diaz, LVN | Resident Care Coordinator |

David Dingcong | Memory Care Coordinator |

Norma Unsay, LVN | Wellness Nurse |

Bianca Caputo | Business Services Manager |

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