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  • Apr 21

    Redefining the Spectrum of Ability - Work Skills Fair

    Autisum is Employable
    Are you an individual with Autism or another learning difference looking for a job? Do you know someone with ASD who is struggling to find work or sustain work? Join us for the first annual Work Skills Fair led by MERISTEM. Event is free! Learn more.

  • Apr 27

    Aging Challenges and Medical Solutions

    Join geriatric specialist Michelle Dhanak, MD of ElderConsult Geriatric Medicine as she discusses challenges we face as we age, and medical solutions for these challenges. Learn more.

  • May 17

    Navigating the Health Care System

    Learn from the experts about the resources available to seniors. This session will answer many of your questions about senior health care, the differences in services, and the resources available in our region. Learn more.


Eskaton Blog

  • Eskaton Kids Connection Combats Loneliness by Introducing Elementary Students to Seniors
    Category: In the News

    Eskaton Kids Connection Combats Loneliness

    Eskaton celebrates the ninth school year of the Kids Connection program, bringing elementary school children together with older “buddies” to create meaningful friendships and abolish loneliness. Kids Connection began in the Sacramento area and has now spread to all Eskatons across Northern California.

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  • Category: Assisted Living

    Recognizing When Your Parent Needs Help

    Activities of Daily Living, also known as ADLs, are routine tasks people do almost every day without assistance. Although some of these tasks can become more difficult with age, it does not mean that everyone will require assistance when they grow older. However, it is good to familiarize yourself with ADLs just in case a parent or loved one needs a helping hand.

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  • Category: Independent Living

    Signs It’s Time to Downsize

    As you age, you begin to reevaluate your life. Your needs begin to change. You begin to wonder if it’s time to downsize a bit. One particular thing you might be wondering if you should downsize is your home. But, how do you know when you should do this? If you're approaching retirement age, there are ways to tell if it's time to downsize.

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  • Category: Memory Care

    Learning How to Live with Dementia

    Eskaton supports a wide range of research and innovative strategies in the Sacramento region, determined to make Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia a thing of the past. But today, over 5 million people in the US are suffering from this disease. There are 45 million family members providing care to those with dementia and other age related illnesses.

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