Innovation Lab

Innovation Lab


Believing that innovation is personal, Eskaton has created a culture that values the power of inquiry and investigation. Behind every new idea is a story from an elder or team member about a problem that needed to be solved. When staff or residents notice an opportunity for improvement, we encourage dialogue through HUDDLEs (Having Useful Dialogue Daily Linking Everyone). Eskaton’s Innovation Lab converts these conversations into actions by investigating, learning and implementing creative solutions. Through our partnerships, we utilize technology and new information to fulfill our mission of enhancing the lives of seniors.

Our Partners

Anything is possible when people come together. Together with our partners, we are pushing boundaries and challenging what it means to live well at any age. Collectively focused on Transforming the Aging Experience, we are creating communities where people of all ages and abilities thrive.


Well-being innovation seeks to reimagine the experience of our residents, team members and customers. From shifting mindsets to reshaping engagement, Eskaton strives to break down barriers by asking questions and creatively co-designing new solutions. Read more about current projects at Eskaton.


Fall prevention innovation aims to reduce fall risk and fall-related injury. From collaborating with healthcare providers that offer evidence-based classes to testing new fall detection and reduction technology, fall prevention innovation continues to be a focus of Eskaton’s Innovation Lab. Read more about current projects at Eskaton.


Smart home innovation aspires to create livable environments that are accessible to people of all abilities. From testing the benefits of smart lighting to introducing voice-controllable environments, Eskaton continues to pave the way for improvements in daily living. Read more about current projects at Eskaton.

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