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Live Well at Home and Eskaton Home Healthcare – Working Together to Provide the Best Care Possible


Eskaton Home Healthcare earned a 100% score (perfect survey) from the Department of Public Health, which inspects, licenses and regulates Home Healthcare in the state of California.

Our team of skilled medical professionals will assist the patient to recover where they live and transition back to independence from a serious health issue such as an illness, surgery, hospitalization, rehabilitation or a stay at a skilled nursing facility.

Eskaton Home Healthcare is a Medicare-certified home health agency — Medicare approved individuals are 100% reimbursed.

Home Healthcare and Home Care are distinct types of care which are both provided in a home setting, but most people aren’t aware of the differences and use these terms interchangeably. The key difference is that Home Healthcare is medical care and Home Care is non-medical care.

Confused about what kind of in-home caregiver you need?
View our side-by-side comparison of what Home Healthcare versus In Home Care offers.

Areas served include Sacramento County and Placer County, and parts of El Dorado, Nevada and Yolo counties.

Your individual care plan may include some or all of the following services

Skilled Nursing

  • Medication management for new and changed prescriptions, including potential side effects and adverse reactions, as well as education on self-injectables
  • Wound care
  • Diabetes care
  • Education on care and management of diseases or conditions
  • Support with physical or cognitive decline

Physical Therapy

  • Therapeutic exercises to prevent falls and ensure safety
  • Balance training
  • Gait training
  • Range of motion exercise
  • Proper transfer and body mechanics training

Speech Therapy

  • Therapy for language disorders that result in communication problems
  • Diagnosis and treatment for swallowing problems
  • Management of cognitive deficits
  • Non-oral communication skills

Occupational Therapy

  • Training to achieve independence in feeding, bathing, toileting, and dressing, including the use of adaptive equipment
  • Task-orientated therapeutic activities to restore physical functions
  • Muscle re-education
  • Fine-motor coordination
  • Energy conservation

Medical Social Worker Services

  • Counsel for long-range planning and decision-making
  • Community resources awareness and planning
  • Financial resources planning (not including Medi-Cal applications)

Home Health Aide Support

  • Assistance with activities of daily living

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