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Thank you for visiting Eskaton’s online and mobile resources, and for viewing this privacy and data security policy. This page provides a brief summary of our data collection, use and protection practices. Our full privacy statement, contained in the pages that follow, serves to give notice about the types of personal information we collect, how we use it, who we share it with and why, and what we do to try to protect it. We encourage you to read our full statement carefully.

How We Handle Personal Information

What do we collect?

Why do we use it?

We collect and retain certain personal information from a variety of different data subjects. Our privacy statement applies to visitors and users of our online and mobile resources, from whom we collect very little information unless it is voluntarily submitted to us. To learn about the categories of personal information we collect from the various different groups of data subjects, see the “WHO DO WE COLLECT PERSONAL INFORMATION FROM?” section below. 

We use personal information received from visitors and users of our online and mobile resources to communicate directly with them. We provide further detail about our use of personal information. For more information, see the “HOW DO WE USE THE PERSONAL INFORMATION WE COLLECT?” section below. 

When do we share it?

How do we protect it?

We share personal information when needed to fulfill our legal obligations and when our vendors and business partners need it to perform under the contracts we have with them. We provide further detail about our sharing of personal information, see the “WHEN/WITH WHOM DO WE SHARE PERSONAL INFORMATION?” section below.  We do not sell or rent any personal information from any group of data subjects to third party data brokers or marketing companies.

We’ve invested in a Security Program that addresses technical, organizational and operational matters. Our program includes incident response and vendor oversight components. You can read about those components under “HOW DO WE PROTECT COLLECTED PERSONAL INFORMATION?” and “Vendors and Business Partners” sections below.


You do not have to provide personal information to enjoy most of the features of our online and mobile resources. Moreover, you can opt out of certain activities like newsletters and announcements. For more information, see the “YOUR RIGHTS AND OPTIONS” section below.  By accessing or using the website, you agree to this privacy policy.

Contacting Our Privacy Office

If you have any questions about our privacy and data security policies, procedures and practices, including anything we say in this privacy statement, we encourage you to contact our Privacy Office.

This privacy statement was amended as of January 01, 2022 and is effective as of that date.


We collect personal information from four groups of data subjects:

  • Visitors to, and users of, our online and mobile resources
  • Our customers
  • Members of our workforce and those who apply for posted jobs
  • Our third party vendors and business partners

The categories of information we collect from each of these groups, and the ways in which we use it, differs. It is important to note, however, that this privacy statement applies only to visitors and users of our online and mobile resources. Information received from other sources, and from other categories of individuals or businesses, is maintained pursuant to applicable law or contract.


Privacy and data protection laws vary around the world and among the individual United States. Our obligations arising under the majority of the world’s privacy laws, including U.S. federal and most state laws, are satisfied by individual risk assessments conducted by us to ensure we act reasonably and responsibly when processing your personal information. In some jurisdictions, however, privacy laws grant you, the data subject, certain specific rights regarding your personal information. We refer to these types of privacy laws as “Comprehensive Privacy Laws.” Examples of Comprehensive Privacy Laws include the European Union and United Kingdom’s variants of the General Data Protection Regulation or “GDPR”, and the consumer privacy protection statutes of several U.S. states, such as California, Colorado, and Virginia.

We do not believe we have an obligation under the rules of other Comprehensive Privacy Laws to provide notices specific to them. Questions about how other Comprehensive Privacy Laws apply to us can be directed to us through the contact information found under the CONTACTING US” section below.


Generally, we collect personal information in two ways: personal information you voluntarily provide to us, and personal information we collect through automated/technical means. Personal information means any data or data element, whether in electronic or other form, that, alone or in combination with other elements, can be used to distinguish, trace, or discover your identity. By using our online and mobile resources, you are signifying to us that you agree with this section of our privacy statement and that we may use and disclose your information as described.

Voluntarily-Submitted Information

If you choose to participate in, or make use of certain activities and features available via our online and mobile resources, you will need to provide us with information about yourself. The types of personal information you will be submitting to us in these situations is almost always limited to basic identifiers such as your name, email address, mailing address and phone number. Examples of voluntarily-submitted information include: (1) emails and texts you may send us; (2) information submitted to create accounts or sign up for newsletters; (3) information submitted to register for events; and (4) information submitted via customer portals and/or job applications.

If you prefer we not receive the above-described personal information, please don’t submit it. This means you shouldn’t participate in the applicable activities, or use the applicable features available, on our online and mobile resources. Such participation and use is strictly your choice.

Automatically-Collected Information

When you visit or use our online and mobile resources, basic information about your internet/electronic activity is automatically collected through your browser via tracking technologies, such as “cookies.” Cookies are small text files downloaded onto your computer or mobile device that allow us to collect your IP address, recognize your computer or mobile device and store some information about your preferences for using our online and mobile resources or past actions, such as:

  • The type of browser and operating system you use
  • The date and time and length of your visit
  • The pages visited, graphics viewed and any documents downloaded
  • Links to other sites you accessed from our online and mobile resources or used to navigate to our online and mobile resources

Additional information about cookies and tracking technologies is available here.

If you access our online and mobile resources from a phone or other mobile device, the mobile services provider may transmit to us certain information such as uniquely-identifiable mobile device information. In turn, this allows us to collect mobile phone numbers and associate them with the mobile device identification information. Some mobile phone service providers also operate systems that pinpoint the physical location of devices and we may receive this geolocation data, as well.

When you use our online and mobile resources, we may allow third party service providers to place their own cookies or similar technologies in order to engage in the same types of collection we describe above. For example, we use third party “web analytics” services such as those offered by Google Analytics.

For more information on how Google specifically uses this data, go to:

You can learn more about how to opt out of Google Analytics by going to:

Finally, there’s a category of personal information we may collect that does not fit neatly into the “voluntarily submitted” or “automatically collected” categories.  If you use both our app and a third party mail service (such as Google’s Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, etc.) on your mobile device, you may have activated a setting that allows us to use certain technologies, such as application programming interfaces, to automatically access (sometimes referred to as “parse”) your mail as it relates to your use of our app. If you did activate the setting allowing us to do so, our use of any information we receive from those technologies will adhere to their requirements of the publisher of the applicable technology.  If we use Google APIs, this includes adhering to the Google API Services User Data Policy and its “Limited Use” requirements.

User Beware: External Sites, Apps, Links and Social Media

We maintain a presence on one or more external social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. We may further allow the community features of our online and mobile resources to connect with, or be viewable from, that external social media presence. Similarly, our online and mobile resources may contain links to other websites or apps controlled by third parties.

We are not responsible for the content on, or the privacy practices of, social media platforms, or any third party sites or apps to which we link. Those apps, sites and platforms are not controlled by us and therefore have their own privacy policies and terms of use. Neither this statement appearing on or in any of our online and mobile resources apply to our social media presence or any third party sites or apps to which we may link. That means even if you take an affinity action (e.g. “like” or “follow”) on our specific social media profile, and identifiers about you are automatically collected and given to us as a result, that collection and transfer is governed by the privacy policies and other terms of the applicable social media platform and are not our responsibility. If you have questions about how those apps, sites and platforms collect and use personal information, you should carefully read their privacy policies and contact them using the information they provide.


We use the personal information we collect only in the manner and through the means allowed by applicable law. That means we determine whether we have a lawful basis/legitimate business purpose to use your personal information before doing so. As stated in applicable law, such lawful bases/legitimate business purposes may include receiving express consent, operating our business, performing a contract, and complying with a legal obligation. More specifically, we use the personal information of each group of data subjects as follows:

We use the automatically collected personal information described under the “Automatically-Collected Information” section below, to compile generic reports about popular pages/features of our online and mobile resources, to see how users are accessing our online and mobile resources, and, in some cases (such as affinity actions), send materials to you. We use the personal information you voluntarily submitted, as described under the “Automatically-Collected Information” section below, to respond directly back to you and/or send you the information you requested or about which you inquired. We also may use any such personal information you provide to customize our programs and newsletters to make them more relevant to you. We do not sell or rent personal information automatically collected by us, or which you voluntarily provide, when using our online and mobile resources.

We use and retain your personal information in accordance with applicable law and as long as necessary to carry out the purposes described above in accordance with our internal data retention procedures.


We may share your personal information as described below.

Affiliates: We may share personal information with other corporate affiliates who will use such information in the same way as we can under this statement. 

Legal Requirements: We may disclose personal information to government authorities, and to other third parties when compelled to do so by such government authorities, at our discretion or otherwise as required or permitted by law, including responding to court orders and subpoenas.

To Prevent Harm: We also may disclose such information when we have reason to believe that someone is causing injury to or interference with our rights or property, or harming or potentially harming other persons or property.

Business Sale/Purchase: If we, or any of our affiliates, sell or transfer all or a substantial portion of our assets, equity interests or securities, or are acquired by one or more third parties as a result of an acquisition, merger, sale, reorganization, divestiture, consolidation, or liquidation, personal information may be one of the transferred assets.

Vendors and Business Partners: We also share personal information with those of our vendors and business partners who need it to perform under the contracts we have with them. As part of our Security Program, we have adopted standards for those vendors and business partners who receive personal information from us. We attempt to bind such vendors and business partners to those standards via written contracts. Such standards include expectations that, when we share personal information with our vendors and business partners, they will comply with all applicable privacy and data security laws and regulations and our Security Program, and will contractually require and cause their subcontractors and agents to do the same.

Please note, however, that we cannot guarantee that all of our vendors and business partners will agree to the above-described contractual requirements; nor can we ensure that, even when they do agree, they will always fully comply.


We have adopted, implemented and maintain an enterprise-wide corporate information security and privacy program that includes technical, organizational, administrative, and other security measures designed to protect, as required by applicable law, against reasonably-anticipated or actual threats to the security of your personal information (the “Security Program”). We therefore have every reason to believe our Security Program is reasonable and appropriate for our business and the nature of foreseeable risks to the personal information we collect. We further periodically review and update our Security Program, including as required by applicable law.


If we are using your personal information to send you marketing materials, such as newsletters or product alerts via text or email, you may opt out by following the opt-out instructions in the email or other communication (e.g., by responding to the text with “STOP”). In addition, certain components of our online and mobile resources will provide a centralized opt-out link allowing you to opt out of any programs in which you may have enrolled using that particular online and mobile resource. When we receive your request, we will take reasonable steps to remove your name from our distribution lists, but it may take time to do so. You may still receive materials for a period of time after you opt out. In addition to opting out, you have the ability to access, amend and delete your personal information by contacting us using the contact information below. Opting out of or changing affinity actions or other submissions or requests made on our external social media presence will likely require that you do so directly on that applicable platform, as we do not control their procedures. 

Some browsers have a “do not track” feature that lets you tell websites that you do not want to have your online activities tracked. At this time, we do not specifically respond to browser “do not track” signals.


We reserve the right to change or update this statement from time to time. Please check our online and mobile resources periodically for such changes since all information collected is subject to the statement in place at the time of collection. Typically, we will indicate the effective/amendment date at the beginning of this statement. If we feel it is appropriate, or if the law requires, we’ll also provide a summary of changes we’ve made near the end of the new statement.


If you have questions about our privacy statement or privacy practices, please contact our Privacy Office:



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We may change this policy from time to time.

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