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Eskaton Senior Care & Services | Smart Sensor

Resident-centered care is our focus.

We use smart sensor technology to help us proactively meet the needs of each resident as potentially urgent situations arise. These smart motion sensors augment the basic emergency response pull cords required in all California assisted living residences.

Smart sensor technology provides care partners vital information about each resident, adding an enhanced level of care, as well as peace of mind for families. Care Innovations' unobtrusive system of smart sensors, placed strategically throughout residents’ apartments, monitors activity around the clock. With the information provided, care partners can identify changes in activity and take measures to ensure resident well-being, as well as respond immediately to potentially urgent situations.

If, for example, sensors determine that a resident is making frequent trips to the bathroom, staff may recommend a lab test to detect a urinary tract infection. Information provided by the sensors allows staff to check in more effectively. Alerts, notifications and reports assist in monitoring the well-being of each resident and respond promptly in the event that something out of the ordinary happens.

How it works:

  • Smart sensors are strategically placed throughout the apartment

  • Residents go about their lives and normal activity routine, coming and going as they please, unaware that the sensors are inconspicuously monitoring to help keep them secure

  • Meanwhile, smart sensors transmit data to the server 24/7

  • The smart sensor software “learns” residents’ normal daily activity patterns and generates reports based on what has been learned

  • The system can detect changes, such as sleeplessness or increased trips to the bathroom, that may indicate an emerging health issue

  • The system alerts staff when something out of the ordinary happens

  • This allows our care partners to deliver prompt and proactive care to prevent more serious issues

This Signature Program is another means of ensuring Eskaton’s mission of enhancing the quality of life of older adults through innovative health, housing and social services. We are truly transforming the aging experience.

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