Smart Sensor Technology

Smart Living

A smarter approach to healthier living


Smart sensor technologies have brought a revolution in the way businesses approach and solve problems, and the same applies to Eskaton. We believe that being smarter is always better, and therefore, we are embracing smart sensor technologies to transform the aging experience. We are implementing smart home features to cater to the various needs of older adults. With these technologies, residents will be able to connect with their families and friends, stay engaged with their community, reduce the risk of falls, and enjoy advanced smart lighting systems that promote ease and comfort. 


Contact friends and family members with just the press of a button.


Stay connected to community life. View the menu, sign up for events, read the latest news, and set automated reminders all from one easy-to-use app.


Smart lighting and thermostats can be adjusted to fit your individualized preferences. Control your environment using your voice or app.


Help reduce the risk of falls by automatically turning on bathroom lights.

A smiling woman sitting on her couch with her iPad and Alexa.

How It Works

  • Smart light switches are integrated throughout the apartment ensuring lights can be controlled with a remote, app or your voice-controlled device
  • Embedded motion sensors enable automated lighting functionality
  • Smart sensing technology over time learns the person’s normal daily patterns and generates reports based on what has been learned
  • Additional smart technologies can be added to enhance the livability and adaptability of the home

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