Life Enrichment

Life Enrichment


Just as the aging experience is unique for everyone, so too are Eskaton’s creative solutions to help assure that life is as independent and purposeful as possible.

We distinguish our commitment to the well-being of our residents and program participants with a variety of original Signature Programs, like Kids Connection; smart motion-sensor technology; and Life Enrichment Initiatives.

Well-Being Philosophy

We call them huddles, and Eskaton communities are embracing them! Huddles are just one tool supporting Eskaton’s Well-Being Philosophy. The Well-Being Philosophy provokes dialogue and discussions with care partners, residents and family members to challenge the stigma surrounding dementia and expand the possibilities of living well with both changing physical and cognitive abilities.

A colorful, circular Well-being graphic with the words Joy, Meaning, Growth, Security, Autonomy, Identity and Connectedness written on it and a smiling woman in the middle.

Key principles of the Well-Being Philosophy are:

  • Discovery
  • Trust and Connection
  • Meaning and Purpose
  • Celebrating Life

Social Connections

Woman resident sitting on her couch with her iPad and Alexa.

Eskaton encourages and facilitates social connectivity with family, friends and the world through Eskaton Connect.

At Eskaton, we believe in exploring innovative ways to enhance the well-being of all our residents. Eskaton Connect is a simple way to promote family, friend and community life connections via a downloadable app. Additional smart home features ensure quality lighting and comfort in each apartment home.

Through our partnership with K4 Connect, five Eskaton Lodges and Villages are now outfitted with smart home lighting, motion sensing and a resident communication portal to increase the connection between residents, family and staff. Recently, Eskaton Village Roseville added voice-first technology with the Alexa Dot. Residents can now control their smart home with their voice.


Therapeutic Music Program

The Power of Sound

A woman playing the harp for a smiling resident.

For residents with acute chronic pain and those living with cognitive change, the soothing sounds of music provided by trained therapeutic musicians transport them to a period of time to a space of calmness, peace and joy.

After seeing several residents, a beautiful petite lady in her 90s stopped me near the dining room. She had a gentleman friend visiting. Did I know “Fascination?” As I played, he gently lifted her from her wheelchair, and they danced in place and kissed tenderly.


Eskaton Pets

Eskaton Pets

Smiling resident holder her white dogPet-friendly communities. Pets provide us with steadfast, loyal devotion and unconditional love. In short, pets just make us feel happy. You don’t have to leave your pet behind when you move to an Eskaton community. Experience the Eskaton difference.


Veterans Appreciation

Honoring Our Veterans

A resident veteran holding a photo of him and four of his air-force buddies.

Several hundred military veterans reside in Eskaton communities or benefit from the organization’s home-based support. Eskaton sponsors a variety of celebrations and activities to honor and serve our veterans (as they have done for us). View our Veterans videos.


Eskaton Celebrates 100+

Celebrating Longevity

A smiling woman resident celebrating her 100th birthday with friends and staff.

This program gives special recognition to residents and participants who reach centenarian status. We recognize this individual and collective good fortune with a special package of birthday activities.

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