Assisted Living

Assisted Living

Personalized Care & Resort-style Amenities

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When you are searching for the right place to support an aging loved one, it is essential to find a community that balances care with independence. Eskaton communities in the greater Sacramento area, and across Northern California, offer resort-style amenities alongside personalized daily assistance. Our communities stand out with a vast array of programs aimed at enriching the lives of residents, while also being conveniently located near shopping, dining, and essential medical services. 

Eskaton’s commitment goes beyond just physical support. Our communities focus on providing holistic care tailored to the unique needs and desires of residents, so you can have peace of mind knowing your loved one is in compassionate and capable hands. 

Assistance and Levels of Care

Some residents need a little extra support, and Eskaton is ready to help. In addition to these valuable and wide-ranging programs, our assisted living care partners can also provide our residents direct assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs), such as bathing, grooming, medication management, and more. 

Level One

Resident benefits from assistance with medication management and/or minimal basic care services, bathing, dressing, and/or grooming. Assistance with personal laundry, escort to and from dining, and housekeeping needs beyond the scheduled weekly visits would not be included.

Level Two

Resident benefits from modest assistance in overall care. This may include special guidance during meals or reminders for events and programs. Minimal assistance may be needed for dressing and bathing. Resident may also need occasional assistance with bladder and / or bowel management. Housekeeping and laundry needs may be more frequent, and medication administration is usually assisted by staff. All services included in level one would be included.

Level Three

Resident benefits from more significant supportive assistance in activities of daily living as well as consistent supervision and moderate assistance for dressing and bathing. Medication administration assistance may be more complex, and health monitoring may be as often as daily (e.g. blood pressure checks). Physical assistance in preparation for and during transports outside the community may be necessary. Physical assistance and escort to the dining room and constant cueing and assistance during meal times would most likely be needed. Tray services may be used frequently. Laundry and housekeeping services may be required daily. Resident may require regular assistance in bowel and bladder management. All services included in level one and two would be included.

Level Four

Resident benefits from extensive assistance for personal care, bowel and bladder management, and health care monitoring. Personalized care plan may include strategies to support frequent changes in emotional expressions and continual orientation and cueing may be needed for overall well-being. Housekeeping and laundry needs may be more than daily. All services in levels one, two, and three are included.


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