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5 Factors to Consider Before Making a Move into Senior Living | EskatonEskaton’s assisted living lodges throughout Northern California and the Sacramento area offer an enhanced quality of living for senior residents who benefit from personal services and support from our professional caregivers.

An enriched lifestyle amid natural beauty and friendly neighbors exemplifies our Eskaton Lodge communities. All Lodges are located near conveniences such as shopping, medical services, restaurants and entertainment venues. Eskaton Villages also include assisted living.

Is it time to move to assisted living?

The choice to move into assisted living is as individual as the person making the decision. There is no clear-cut, step-by-step template that tells people exactly when it is time to consider assisted living as a long-term care option.

Click here to learn more and download a helpful checklist.

Levels of Care

Level One

Resident benefits from assistance with medication management and/or minimal basic care services, bathing, dressing, and/or grooming. Assistance with personal laundry, escort to and from dining, and housekeeping needs beyond the scheduled weekly visits would not be included.

Level Two

Resident benefits from modest assistance in overall care. This may include special guidance during meals or reminders for events and programs. Minimal assistance may be needed for dressing and bathing. Resident may also need occasional assistance with bladder and / or bowel management. Housekeeping and laundry needs may be more frequent, and medication administration is usually assisted by staff. All services included in level one would be included.

Level Three

Resident benefits from more significant supportive assistance in activities of daily living as well as consistent supervision and moderate assistance for dressing and bathing. Medication administration assistance may be more complex, and health monitoring may be as often as daily (e.g. blood pressure checks). Physical assistance in preparation for and during transports outside the community may be necessary. Physical assistance and escort to the dining room and constant cueing and assistance during meal times would most likely be needed. Tray services may be used frequently. Laundry and housekeeping services may be required daily. Resident may require regular assistance in bowel and bladder management. All services included in level one and two would be included.

Level Four

Resident benefits from extensive assistance for personal care, bowel and bladder management, and health care monitoring. Personalized care plan may include strategies to support frequent changes in emotional expressions and continual orientation and cueing may be needed for overall well-being. Housekeeping and laundry needs may be more than daily. All services in levels one, two, and three are included.

Features and Services

Interested in our Northern California or Sacramento assisted living communities? Please click on one of our communities below, and book a tour today!

Community Flo Vohs
O'Connor Woods patio and fire pit

O’Connor Woods

Continuing Care Community (CCRC): Independent Living with Services, Assisted Living, Memory Care and Skilled Nursing

3400 Wagner Heights Road
Stockton, CA 95209

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