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Senior Living Services

  • Independent Living

    Lead an independent, active lifestyle along with a full complement of hospitality-style amenities such as housekeeping and transportation services. 

  • Assisted Living

    Residents requiring assistance can receive personalized care designed to meet their unique needs.

  • Memory Care

    Our person-centered approach ensures that residents living with any stage of dementia continue enjoying a life of purpose and meaning.

  • Rehabilitation and Skilled Nursing

    Residents can receive round-the-clock specialized support designed to meet their unique needs and aid in their recovery and overall well-being.

  • Home-Based Services

    For older adults with limited incomes, rental assistance is available at Eskaton’s affordable living apartment communities. Professional on-site staff members provide activities, maintenance, security and service coordination in an independent setting.


A Lifelong Passion

Jacqueline Hairston

Jacqueline Hairston is an accomplished pianist and composer and continues living out her dreams to this day. She has been passionate about music for as long as she can remember and as a young girl,  would drum her fingers along the kitchen table, pretending to play the piano. Her parents quickly noticed and she began piano lessons. Her passion never waned and her impressive talents earned her an invitation to perform at world-renowned Carnegie Hall. 

Jacqueline Hairston

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