Brain Gymnasium

…strengthening your brain power one week at a time


Thursday, January 16, 2020
9:20 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.

Eskaton Monroe Lodge
3225 Freeport Boulevard
Sacramento, CA

icon of a man's head with gears - to reflect strengthening your brain through brain gymnasiumIt feels good to know you can engage fully in your life and the lives of people you care about. A strong brain makes that possible. Just as physical exercise keeps your body in good shape, brain exercise can do the same for your brain. You can get brain exercise here at Monroe Lodge with the Brain Gymnasium.

Research has shown that challenging your brain with mental exercises can help maintain healthy cognitive function, whether you’re playing online brain games or going to weekly workout classes for the mind. View event flyer.

Please call 916-441-1015 or email to reserve your space today!

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