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Meet Laura Lara

Laura Lara

Meet Laura Lara, a 73-year-old retiree and current volunteer at the Eskaton Support Center. For the past six months, Laura has dedicated her time assisting our Telephone Reassurance Program, a free outbound calling service that provides companionship and ongoing communication to isolated seniors. Motivated by a passion for helping others, Laura revealed that she especially enjoys engaging with other seniors. “I have always loved helping, but helping seniors brings me so much happiness,” said Laura. “It makes my day more joyful and thankful for life!”

Just as Laura feels thankful for her volunteer work, so do the seniors that she helps through her phone calls. Laura’s conversations can range from simple check-ins to more involved discussions about providing support for the seniors she contacts. In fact, since her time volunteering at Eskaton, Laura has helped two seniors find housing by providing them with the necessary resources. “They were at the verge of homelessness,” Laura explained. “I tried my best to find solutions and ways to help them find their new home. They call me ‘angel’ now because of that simple gesture.” 

Laura’s helpfulness and kindness is recognized not only by the seniors she speaks to, but also our Eskaton team members. Eskaton Volunteer Coordinator Hanan Kashmoola expressed how appreciative she is for the work Laura does, saying: “she is very dedicated in helping seniors and connecting with them. Her ability to be so empathetic and patient amazes me each day. She is one of the kindest and most beautiful souls I have encountered in my life.”

Laura’s volunteer work brings her immense joy and gratitude, highlighting the transformative power of human connection in brightening the lives of seniors in need. It’s said that “not all heroes wear capes,” but it is clear to us that some heroes (and even angels) volunteer right here at Eskaton.


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