Artificial Intelligence Fall Detection

Artificial Intelligence Fall Detection

Residents living with some form of cognitive change are 4X more likely to fall. Often residents living with cognitive change are unable to communicate why he/she fell or whether their head made contact with the ground. With limited information, many residents are admitted to the ER as a precaution. ER visits are both disruptive and traumatic for anyone, especially someone living with dementia. Eskaton partnered with SafelyYou to provide additional information to team members about why and how the fall occurred. This innovative AI technology has enabled teams to make better-educated decisions with residents and family members about whether an ER visit is needed.

SafelyYou BrochureSafelyYou not only provides information about why a fall occurs, but it also provides the care team will contextual information about what environmental factors may have led to a fall. Learn more 

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