Visiting with Confidence

Accushield sign-in monitor

Enhancing resident well-being and safety is the primary concern of every family member and associate, the very reason Eskaton sought to reimagine the visitor experience at their communities. Through a partnership with Accushield, Eskaton set out to implement a new management system that simplifies the process and makes it easier for communities to identify and keep track of all non-residents. Traditionally, visitors were asked to log their presence using a cumbersome paper-and-binder process. With Accushield, all guests are able to sign in using a simple touchscreen kiosk. In addition to increasing daily security, the new system is also an essential communication tool in the case of an emergency evacuation. 

Beyond improving security, Accushield’s “Love Meter” notifies the community team when a resident is not receiving regular visits and might be in need of a little extra love and support. Social isolation and loneliness among older adults can be detrimental to health and well-being, so by leveraging this technology, team members are empowered to assist residents and reduce their risk of isolation-related issues.

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