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Assisted Living in Roseville CA

Multi-Level Community: Independent Living with Services, Assisted Living and Memory Care

1650 Eskaton Loop, Roseville, CA 95747
License #315002052

Call 916-789-7831 to speak with an Eskaton Village Roseville representative.

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You're Invited

The best way to experience Eskaton Village Roseville is by enjoying one of our festive, open-to-the-public events. You are welcome to join us for entertainment, refreshment and engagement ... and to learn first-hand about the hospitality, friendships and enlivening atmosphere that awaits you.

Eskaton Village Roseville’s newly renovated Memory Care community!

Eskaton Village Roseville Memory Care Community

Wednesday, November 14, 2018
3:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.
Eskaton Village Roseville
1650 Eskaton Loop
Roseville, CA

You’re invited to experience the Future of Memory Care at Eskaton Village Roseville!

Funded by those passionate about the Eskaton Village Roseville Community through the Eskaton Foundation, our renovated Memory Care community has been enhanced to make it even more conducive to the needs of our memory care residents.

During your tour, participate in a virtual dementia simulation. This interactive tour helps people understand what living with dementia is like. After a 15 minute session, you will experience a personal understanding of the challenges faced by loved ones living with dementia. This experience has proven to result in more positive interactions to support people to live well with dementia.

Virtual tour space is limited, reserve your spot today! Please RSVP to Courtney Wagner at 916-789-7831 or by email at courtney.wagner@eskaton.org.

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