Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities COVID-19


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Eskaton thanks you for valuing elders and their well-being. 

You have reached out to Eskaton with a compassionate desire to share your support during these unprecedented times. Thank you for joining us as we spark joy and spread goodwill among those whose lives have recently been so changed.

In the midst of social isolation, providing meaningful connections remains a top priority of Eskaton. With your help, our mission to enhance the quality of life of older adults is strengthened and supported more than ever. Thank you for demonstrating what we now refer to as #QuarantineKindness

We invite you to display this kindness in the following ways:

  1. Send letters of love and encouragement. Your personal letters can be filled with artwork, pictures, jokes and positive, hope filled messages.
  2. Create gift bags or care packages. Items residents would enjoy include adult coloring books, watercolors, colored pencils, crosswords puzzles, a deck of cards, word searches, cozy socks and personal notes. 

Please deliver all letters and gift bags to:

​​​Eskaton Support Center
c/o #QuarantineKindness
5105 Manzanita Avenue
Carmichael, CA 95608


  1. Spread joy creatively through video. This is a great opportunity for individuals, families and socially distanced groups to spread joy throughout Eskaton.

1. Use your Smart Phone or computer to record a brief 5-30 second video.
2. Click below to upload video.
3. Eskaton will compile videos into a YouTube video and distribute throughout  Eskaton.

By uploading your video, you are providing permission to Eskaton to publish and distribute the content on internet, social media and other places of our choice.



Questions?  Please contact Darlene Cullivan at 916-334-0810 or by email.

Here’s to you and the power of generosity that truly transforms the aging experience!  


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