The Trousdale

Photo Gallery

Photo gallery
The Trousdale lobby areaThe Trousdale front desk areaSetting and socializing lobbyBistro Cafe Staff offering a cup of coffee at the Bistro CafeCommunity gym and exercising equipmentSmiling couple being served lunch in dining roomThe Trousdale dining roomThe Trousdale activity and game room Happy and smiling resident playing DominoThe Trousdale library roomThe Trousdale technology roomThe Trousdale theatre room Housekeeping staff vacuuming an apartmentApartment living and dining roomApartment bedroomApartment kitchenApartment bathroomSmiling resident and staffThe Trousdale Spa roomThe Trousdale beauty salonThe Trousdale outdoor patio areaResident holding and hugging her dogThe Trousdale art roomSmiling staff and residents listing to music with headsetsThe Trousdale's upper level outside patio areaThe Trousdale upper level sitting roomThe Trousdale exterior building

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