Eskaton Care Center Greenhaven – Fall Risk Reduction Specialty Program (SafelyYou)


Eskaton Care Center Greenhaven partnered with SafelyYou, an innovative artificial technology (AI) system designed to detect and reduce fall risk for older adults, to become the first skilled nursing center in the state of CA to be approved by the Department of Health Services to pilot and integrate this program. Comprised of wall-mounted cameras in residents’ bedrooms and sophisticated AI that detects falls, the system directly analyzes any video captured only when a fall is detected. To learn more about this program, visit


Innovation Lab

Spacer-transparent 1x1 unvisableEskaton is proud to have a culture that values the power of inquiry and investigation. Eskaton’s Innovation Lab converts problems into answers by investigating, learning and implementing creative solutions. Together with our partners, we are pushing boundaries and challenging what it means to live well by creating communities where people of all ages and abilities thrive.


Eskaton Signature Programs for Seniors

Just as the aging experience is unique for everyone, so too are the creative solutions to help assure that life is as independent and purposeful as possible. Eskaton distinguishes our commitment to the well-being of our residents and program participants with a variety of original Signature Programs.


Eskaton Care Center Specialty Programs

As a leader in the senior living industry, Eskaton understands there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to providing care. This is the reason we have developed a series of specialty programs designed to give our residents and clients individualized, tailored services that meet their unique needs and preferences. The following Care Centers, which provide rehabilitation and skilled nursing services, have designed specialty programs to meet the distinct needs of individuals requiring additional levels of support.

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