Signature Programs

Eskaton’s Signature Programs


The aging experience is different for every individual and thus requires unique and creative solutions to ensure a purposeful and independent life. Eskaton is dedicated to the well-being of its residents and program participants and offers a range of distinctive Signature Programs to reflect this commitment.


Eskaton Kids Connection

Eskaton Kids Connection

Eskaton Kids Connection partners Eskaton communities with local elementary schools to create intergenerational friendships.

More than 650 students and their older adult “buddies” meet regularly each school year to read, write and share with one another. The project earned the “Inspire Award” from the Twin Rivers Unified School District and was recognized for excellence by The Eisner Foundation.


Eskaton Connect

Eskaton Connect voice controlled technology

Stay Connected

At Eskaton, we believe in integrating innovative technology that supports the health and well-being of our residents, the very reason we offer Eskaton Connect!

What is Eskaton Connect?

Eskaton Connect employs smart devices such as phones and tablets to create easy connections between residents, their loved ones and community life. The addition of voice-activated smart home features allows our residents to create accessible, comfortable living environments, tailored to their preferences.


Smart Living

A smarter approach to healthier living

A smiling woman sitting on her couch with her iPad and Alexa.

Smart sensor technologies have brought a revolution in the way businesses approach and solve problems, and the same applies to Eskaton. We believe that being smarter is always better, and therefore, we are embracing smart sensor technologies to transform the aging experience. We are implementing smart home features to cater to the various needs of older adults.


Life Enrichment

A colorful, circular Well-being graphic with the words Joy, Meaning, Growth, Security, Autonomy, Identity and Connectedness written on it and a smiling woman in the middle.

Just as the aging experience is unique for everyone, so too are Eskaton’s creative solutions to help assure that life is as independent and purposeful as possible.

We distinguish our commitment to the well-being of our residents and program participants with a variety of original Signature Programs, like Kids Connection; smart motion-sensor technology; and Life Enrichment Initiatives.

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