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Emotional Health

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Emotional health and well-being concerns far more than having a positive attitude (though it certainly helps!) Being truly emotionally healthy is a combination of positivity, acceptance, adaptability and resilience, particularly during times of unrest and uncertainty. Emotional health also concerns having a healthy self-image, an attitude of “I can, and I will!” For older adults, maintaining and supporting their emotional health is just as vital as eating sustaining and nutritious food and incorporating daily movement and exercise into their routines. 

Improve Your Mood

It’s not uncommon to experience a change in mood every once in a while. But have you ever wondered the cause?

The reasons can vary widely—not getting enough sleep, too much stress, hormone changes, low blood sugar or even caffeine intake can all contribute. The good news is there are many easy and natural ways to give your disposition a boost.

Download our entire Emotional Health Booklet, and try incorporating these six tips into your daily routine to optimize emotional health.

Three women take a walkGet Moving

  • Adding more natural movement to your routine is one of the best ways to support your emotional health.
  • Try replacing 15 minutes of sitting with 15 minutes of brisk walking every day.



A shopping bag full of fruits and vegetables Food for Thought

  • If your diet is filled with refined sugars or processed foods, they can sap your energy, taking a toll on how you feel.
  • A healthy diet is essential to good emotional well-being.



Grandpa and Grandma face-timing with their granddaughters on an iPadStay Social

  • Research shows that people experience a decrease in depression when they are around others.
  • Stay in contact with loved ones, and look for opportunities to meet new friends.



Woman sitting on the floor with her feet crossed, meditating.Practice Self-Care

  • Managing stress and getting enough sleep are significant contributors to your mood.
  • Practicing meditation and creating a regular sleep routine can give your body and mind the healing and restorative rest it needs.



A man painting on canvas Be Purposeful

  • Studies have shown that having a sense of meaning can have a great impact on one’s emotional health.
  • Take time to contemplate what brings meaning to your life and seek it out!



Two women face-timing and talking to a doctor with their iPad.Ask for Help

  • If you’re feeling down and aren’t quite sure why, talk to your doctor.
  • They may be able to identify some factors for the change you might not have previously considered.


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